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Heal your Trauma 

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Our masterclass will take you on a journey of discovery to understanding all the tools that nature has given you, but that you may not have the road map for. Our 'Healing your Trauma Course' will help you heal your past wounds and move forwards into the life you deserve and desire. 

Now is the time to stop surviving and start thriving!

We remain by your side as your guide whilst you embark on your own journey of self-discovery.

Learning how your body is a time line for your life and how trauma can affect you later on in life even when you may not expect it. Development of somatic awareness and healing. Techniques for managing your own experiences of stress and anxiety giving you the tools to cope with any bumps in the road. Creation of a route to your own self confidence, resilience and purpose.

What You Will Experience On Your Journey:

  • Access healing from highly skilled facilitators for 8 weeks! 
  • ​Gain over 24 hours support on your journey.
  • Discover effective methods of trauma healing.
  • ​Receive knowledge of healing tools which offer routes to trauma recovery where tradition pathways of medication and therapy may have failed.
  • ​Transform your life by developing resilience, confidence and purpose.
  • ​Feel supported throughout your healing and journey of self discovery.
  • ​Learn to thrive and not just survive.
  • Move forward into the life your want and deserve.
  • Become more aligned with your authentic self and true life purpose

About Your Hosts

Dina Shale

Founder of a Multi award-winning equine facilitated therapy centre and animal rescue, Dina is  a passionate leader and mental health support facilitator. Achieving many qualifications in facilitation, trauma healing and mental health.  Dina is  passionate about helping others heal their own trauma and overcome their psychological challenges. However, my true qualification is my own journey of healing from 7 years of childhood sexual abuse and living with an alcoholic father and narcassistical mother  which ignited her passion for assisting people along their own healing journeys.

We all deserve a destination of contentment and self actualisation.

In my work, I help people from all walks of life and backgrounds who feel they are stuck in their trauma, overwhelmed by their mental health, suffering or simply not reaching their full potential.

Through unique coaching sessions, I guide individuals to make the changes they want in their thinking, their emotional patterns, their behaviours, their lifestyle and their health. A transformation that allows them to go from surviving to thriving in the lives they want.

My work is focused on the results you want and our results speak for themselves.

Trainer Credentials

  • Nature of wisdom Epona Diploma
  • ​Medicine Horse Way Facilitator Training and Accreditation
  • ​Epona -Power of the Herd Training Arizona
  • ​Horseboy Apprentice training with Robert Isaacson from Texas level 1 & 2
  • ​Trauma I & II workshop The Contemporary College
  • ​Somatic Experiencing workshop



Terri Picton-Clark

Terris background is strongly scientific having worked in various roles in both the NHS and independent healthcare sectors. Terri was a  Mental Health Act Administrator until she had a change in direction.

It was during retirement that she retrained as a Hypnotherapist. She has  an abiding curiosity about how bodies work and how the mind controls performance. Her current work on movement patterns, visualisation techniques and optimisation of performance is with a physiotherapist colleague, with dancers and riders.

Like many who enter the world of psychotherapy, life has ensured that we have personal understanding of the healing experience. You are assured of a confidential, compassionate approach underpinned by an enquiring mind used to the discipline of scientific principles.

Terri specialise in dealing with anxiety, lack of confidence, performance issues, grief, pain, emotional eating, quit smoking and fears.  Terri has worked with Dina on her award winning program which has externally evaluated results on the award winning National Lottery Community funded program 'Project Pony'.  Terri and Dina are lead facilitators on the program and between them are so passionate that they change lives for the better!  There are a number of specialist in the field of trauma that Dina and Terri work with that feature in this program.

Trainer Credentials

  • First degree in Marine Biology & Biochemistry from Bangor University North Wales with a post graduate diploma in Equine Studies from Dublin University Vet School.
  • ​ Qualified hypnotherapist.​
  • Lead ​Facilitator for The Way of the Horse Discovery Centre

What You'll Learn:

  • Learn to improve your mental wellbeing and mental health issues after COVID-19 with a focus on reducing the symptoms of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress.
  • Build Discover how to have better self-esteem and build resilience and confidence to ensuring you can cope with day to day challenges at work and home.
  • Build emotional intelligence, including proven strategies strategies for anger management and emotion mastery. ​   

The Transformation You Will Experience:

 1.  Learn how to develop a trauma informed approach to help yourself understand how stress can affect your day to day peace and tranquility and helping you to understand the science behind how your mind and body operate together to protect your reality.

2.  Discover the mastery of your body and how you can heal your own ‘wounds’ without actually talking about the event or thinking about the past. Allowing your body to take the lead on how and what needs to be healed.

3.  Build a better understanding of your own instinctual needs. Learning age old techniques that animals use in the wild when they are a prey animal. Using skills forgotten that society trained you to not listen to. You’ll be asking why you haven’t learnt this work before!

Who Should Attend

"Highway to Healing"  course can greatly benefit you if:

  • ​ You have experienced Trauma & Depression in the past.
  •  Have PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder).
  • ​Suffering from depression, stress & anxiety.
  • Have low self-esteem. 
  • You ​suddenly get triggered out of no where without any specific reason.
  • ​Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted all of the time.

The Curriculum

Explore Our Highway To Healing Program

Highway to Healing is a 12 week online program hosted by founder Dina Shale and Lead Facilitator 
Terri Picton-Clark. Also with many other Guest speakers who will be offering lectures in their field of expertise. In 2 hours a week, you’ll be guided through our holistic tools and science based training to enable you to go from surviving to thriving. This is such a valuable package offering you different options to help you navigate the road to recovery.
Over the 12 weeks, we will cover 8 modules.

Module 1: Meeting you where you are at!
Introducing the course and the team. Building an authentic, supportive community. Introduction to concept of brain (physical), mind (mental) and body, and the relationship between them. Your MOT – Where are you mentally and physically?

Module 2: Your personalised road map to healing
Understanding the timeline of your body and the somatic effect of trauma.
Defining your short, medium and long term goals and the steps to achieving these goals so that you can obtain the life you desire and deserve. Identify how you are going to get your route map to your journey to healing.

Module 3: Your relationship to yourself and others
Looking at your relationships with your mind, your body, your work and your interpersonal interactions. Let's find out what is working for you and how you could establish new life transforming habits, keeping you on the road to healing.

Module 4: Understanding emotions, boundaries and the flight/fight response
Understand why you feel the way you do and what happens in the brain and body during stress responses. Learn how we can develop emotional control and agility through practical, psychological techniques. Consider the boundaries you have and whether they need to be altered so that you can feel safe and fulfilled.

Module 5: Moving from surviving to thriving
Learn to tame your flight/fight response through and combination of cognitive intervention and reframing, mindfulness and stress management techniques.

Module 6: Your Holistic Approach to mental health and how it can help
Continue the journey towards freeing ourselves from fear through Vagus nerve toning, understanding the autonomic nervous system, the messages behind emotions and specialised breathing techniques.

Module 7: Why we use animals and horses in therapy and the benefit
Advanced physical and psychological techniques for improving mental health in a holistic manner. Why we use a prey animal to demonstrate the power of healing through animals.

Module 8: Find your destination
Applying all the healing techniques you have learnt in order to ensure you reach your destination and are moving towards the life you want.

As you progress, you’ll start channeling your inner powers in often-surprising ways. For instance, your intuition and creativity will flourish. Ingenious solutions and a-ha moments will rush into your mind. You’ll even feel greater outpourings of confidence and love for yourself.
By the end of the program, you’ll have a robust road map to your healing and mastery of your mind and body's abilities.
You will achieve a clear path towards your fullest human potential and the life you deserve. You will be well on your own 'Highway to Healing'! Everyone has their own path and unlike other programs this allows you to take your own healing Journey!
Check out our Star Guests along the way to offer support in their field of expertise!

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